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Why having a wellness program can aid in hiring Millennials

Mar 2, 2017 12:32:51 PM

Being the largest generation, Millennials currently hold 36% of the U.S. workforce, by 2020, 46% of the workforce will be made up of Millennials. Born in December 1995, I am on the tail end of my generation, but I am all too familiar with our reputation – we are the kids who believe in naps at work, we look for the ability to work remotely, we like [quite a bit of] time off, we look for wellness initiatives and we expect company culture. Our generation has taken work-life balance to work-life integration.

Through my internship at Access Systems, I have learned so much. Not only was it my first job where I had my very own cubical, but I learned the importance of work-life-school balance. I was fortunate enough to find a company that accommodated my busy schedule and experience the company culture that thrives within Access Systems. I have been fortunate enough to participate in growing the Access Cares program and wellness initiatives.

More than two-thirds of U.S. employers currently have and utilize a wellness program for employees. Wellness programs differ immensely depending on the program a company chooses to pursue. The implementation of wellness programs can be an expensive initiative, though it does not have to be.

Beginning in 2016, Access Systems began a wellness initiative to challenge team members to live healthier lifestyles. Several events are of little to no cost to Access or employees, for example sharing healthy recipes in the quarterly newsletter, a water bottle challenge to get team members drinking enough water and sharing wellness tips on social media.

The most recent wellness program is having Assess Systems participate in the Live Healthy Iowa Challenge, a 10-week wellness initiative with the goal of making healthier choices and living healthier lifestyles leading up to a community 5k.

We Millennials look for companies that show compassion for their employees, even through small wellness programs.  Step by step, Access Systems is focused to grow the wellness plan to show full support of team members and their health.


Emily Petrowski is a Marketing Intern at Access Systems. Emily is junior Marketing and Public Relations double major at Drake University. She keeps busy with her sorority, professional business fraternity, her internship and school. She is excited to see where the last year and a half of undergraduate studies takes her!

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