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3 Words to Describe My Career Journey – Upward, Learning, Evolving

Sep 18, 2019 9:17:06 AM

At Access, we take pride in our award-winning work environment and people-first culture. Each of our team members professional paths and personal stories are valuable and significant in contributing to our success today. I sat down with Matt Ringgenberg, an IT Account Executive who enjoys his ever-changing and never dull workdays.

Matt and fellow account executive at a Waukee Chamber event.
(Matt Ringgenberg - left)

Open Communication Is the Key to Grow & Explore

Did You Explore Other Job Roles in Access Systems before You Became an Account Executive?

“Yes, I started off in telemarketing where I eventually managed a small team. The company is always growing, so I moved around to at least 5 different positions to explore and help as needed.

I developed my passion for IT, when I was an IT Service Coordinator for 4 years. I wanted to be on the front-line of the business cycle, meeting and servicing our customers. So, I decided to bring the conversation personally to my manager and the President of Access Systems, Shane Sloan, to express my interest in exploring. After a few meetings and training sessions, I landed at my current role, and the rest is history.

As an employee, the role transitions in the past 9 years really speak to the endless career possibilities and options at Access. If you think your skills and traits would be better suited in a different role, speak with your manager! They will help you guide and mentor you on how to make it happen.”

Why Did You Choose to Change Positions & Not Companies?

“Each role change within the company has helped me build on my knowledge of the entire company, and how it operates. Being an Account Executive now, I can paint a holistic picture with confidence to a new potential customer.

Existing relationships are also one of my biggest considerations. My managers were and are all so supportive while being realistic through all my role transitions. They have been helping me to build my goals and chart a plan to achieve them. Whenever I speak to my family about my career and the culture at Access, they really can’t say the same about the companies they work for.

I went back to college to obtain my Bachelor’s degree a year ago, and Access has entrusted me with flexibility and helped to balance my schedule. I was both working and going to school full time, Steve Ames, who I just started working with, literally told me not to work so long into the night, so I wouldn’t be burnt out. I appreciate their care for our personal life situations and goals which allows us to work to our full potential.

With the growth that I’ve witnessed each year at Access, I believe that it’s important to invest into a workplace that I’ll always be able to grow in so many different directions. There isn’t a reason for me to look elsewhere when I can look within, especially with plenty of support and opportunities around me!”

Matt celebrating a great quarter at a sales team outing

Dedicated Leaders Keep Cultures Connected

What Do You Like the Most about Your Job?

“The culture and people that I work with! It’s an epic blend between a corporate setting and small, connected community. Some of the best people I’ve met since moving to Des Moines nine years ago, I met them at Access Systems.

I know it may sound cliché, but I am always impressed by our “work hard and play hard” mentality. My recent top 2 moments are definitely, when I landed on a few of my first large sales (so rewarding and exciting to see the months of hard work come to fruition) and our team outing weekend ( such a fun weekend and a great bonding experience with the people you work with every day). Not to mention, my all-time favorite, the annual company Christmas party. I’m also hoping to earn a spot to our Presidents Club trip to Cabo, Mexico this year!

I honestly also stay around because of the people, especially the leaders of our company. Shane Sloan, he isn’t your normal CEO. I have some of the most candid conversations with him just like I would with any of my friends or family. The Vice President of IT, Mitch Henry, I can testify that he has had my back through thick and thin professionally and personally. Last but not least, my manager, Steve Ames, always goes the extra mile to ensure that I have what I need to succeed and grow as a sales executive.”

Matt at an IT services outing.

Two Things I Need to Succeed Here – Integrity & Strong Work Ethic 

What Is the Biggest Change in Your Personal & Professional Life after Working at Access?

“I have literally grown into an adult while working at Access. I was fresh out of college after getting my Associates degree when I started back in 2010. It has shown me the ropes on how business is conducted -- honestly and correctly. Having integrity, being loyal and trustworthy became even more important to me, as those are my personal core values as 


What Advice Would You Give to Young Professionals who Are Choosing the Right Fit to Grow their Career?

“The amount of work you put in is the amount of praise and reward that you get back. There are days where things are great, and there are days that are very challenging as with any job. Keep in mind that you want to choose a company that will give you support to help you through any obstacles thrown at you.

Look for a place where the opportunities for advancement are endless! If you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding career, then Access is the place for you. With the way our company is expanding, what you start out doing may not be what you do in 2 years. Get planted here at Access and watch your career grow!”

We Are Expanding our Team!

Workplace culture should be one of the top factors to consider when looking for a new job, especially for young professionals. Matt’s investment of talent and time at Access has rewarded him with the best opportunities, coworkers and lifestyle.

Want to work hard, play hard and invest in yourself like Matt? We are #YourAccessToMore Career Possibilities! Join us today!

Your Access to More Career Opportunities

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