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4 Ways Young Professionals Inspire the Workplace

Jul 16, 2019 10:27:00 AM

Take a quick look at your office. How many young professionals do you work with every day?

More and more young people (ages 22-32) are joining the workforce. They are both in need of mentorship to learn the ropes, but also eagerly bringing in new ideas with their desire for career independence.

These seemingly clashing qualities, in many ways, are inspiring business leaders to transform workplaces and improved business processes.

How exactly are young professionals making significant differences in workplaces across America today?

Young Professional working at his desk

1) Young Professionals Are Always Connected

Young professionals today are more collaborative and connected to their career network than ever before, and they love it.

At Access, an increasing number of young professionals use mobile messaging to communicate for work. They text with their coworkers and boss, using multiple devices to complete work tasks. Embracing technology, young professionals seek out the best tools for the best efficiency to stay connected with everyone in their lives.

“It is key to be able to reach out to young professionals in multiple ways through social and digital channels,” said Senada Agic, Corporate Recruiter at Access Systems.

This change has greatly led businesses to investing in the digital realm, especially social media platforms. Employees are trained to leverage the vast virtual pool of network and prospects to make business connections.

2) Young Professionals Want Strong Relationships with their Manager

Although young professionals are the pioneers of social media, they appreciate and value face to face communications – they want the best of both worlds.

They desire mentorship that develops relationships with their manager over time.

“Young Professionals want managers who are willing to initiate the conversation with them on what works best for individually, specific working relationship. They want real-time feedback in both their personal and professional lives,” said Agic.

Young professionals talking with a company leader

3) Young Professionals are Flexibly Committed

Young professionals are redefining what work-life balance means. Unlike previous generations, young professionals strive for long-term fulfillment that integrates both their personal and professional lives to achieve a flexible lifestyle.

Instead of a rigid 9 to 5 work schedule, young professionals desire a more flexible life, with a give and take between personal and professional.

More and more business are adapting to the new way young professionals are shaping businesses, not just for their employees’ work-life fulfillment but also for their clients.

4) Young Professionals Work for a One-of-a-Kind Career Path

“Bringing my whole self, making meaningful impact.” Young professionals live and breathe this statement in every aspect of their lives.

Young professionals are unafraid of taking the road less travelled. They believe that each individual should have a unique, whole self. Young professionals are often “a whole package deal” when it comes to their passions, skills and job performances and satisfaction.

They are more engaged and creative in bringing fresh perspectives to every part of their life, including the workplace.

Young professional typing on her keyboard

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