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Access Systems Gives Back: An Overview of Access Cares

May 20, 2020 2:00:00 PM

“We have a responsibility more than just to deliver financial results but to make positive impacts in the communities that we serve, for the people and clients in those communities and, probably the most important to me, is our own employees,” Shane Sloan, CEO.

 Access Cares was built on the belief of sharing our people-first culture with the communities. Access Systems has been actively donating to charities for nearly 10 years before something more concrete was developed. In 2015, Access Cares was officially launched and has continued donating money to specific charities that were voted on by the employees. The team fell in love with being able to support local charities and customers. Five years later, Access Cares has expanded into donating time, money and volunteering throughout the 14 branches across Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois.

The question for Access Cares has always been, “How can we show what our culture is outside of these four walls?” Access’ culture is built off 5 Pillars: Kindness, Integrity, Dedication, Generosity, and Playfulness. Each employee at Access take these pillars to heart, and in turn have managed to skyrocket Access Care’s efforts.

  1. Development + Growth

Community involvement plays a big part of who Access Cares is. With 14 locations spread throughout the Midwest, it's important to create connections and provide support to all the different communities Access is tied to. School fundraisers, supply drives, walk for cures, and being able to support employees plus members of the community is something we cherish and take a huge amount of pride in. The JDRF Walk is an event Access Cares participates in annually to show support for an employee's family member and other Access friends that have a connection to childhood diabetes.

  1. Donations

Access Cares feels an overwhelming passion to give back to the communities that provide so much. It is important that the people in our communities can feel the support of a dedicated local business. We often find ourselves in the middle of a variety of fundraisers and supply drives. School supplies, baby and childcare supplies, clothes of all sizes, Access employees participate in many efforts to aid the communities were we work and live. In 2020, Access was able to donate nearly 3,000 articles of gently used clothes to the Dallas County Closet, directly affecting the community where Access System’s headquarters resides. In 2015, Access hosted a Stork Nest drive that donated baby supplies to mothers in need in Polk County.


  1. Blood Drives

Blood drives save lives. The "bus" can be found in the headquarter's parking lot yearly, overflowing with Access employees. There have been competitions for which team member donates the most each year. Access Cares supports specific causes that resonate with team members. In 2015, Access participated in Mighty Maddy’s blood drive to support children battling childhood cancer.

  1. Helping Hands

                One of the most valuable things someone can donate is their time. It is important to show the heart behind our organization when giving back, ready to make a difference. Whether it is packaging or serving meals, cleaning, or filling sand bags during a flood, Access helps in any way we can. Access understands the needs of non-profits and other organizations have for willing volunteers and additional helping hands. Amanda the Panda, Meals for the Heartland, and the ARL are just a few organizations that Access Cares has been able to help just by being willing to donate our time and enthusiasm.


  1. Support

Access Cares has been able to support their own employees and their families. As each individual employee fights through the hardships of life, there are some battles that cannot be fought alone. That is where Access Cares comes in, providing financial assistance in the form of fundraisers, showing support through texts and phone calls, giving employees a sense of relief knowing that their employer is standing behind them.



Employee Testimonials

"They decided to have a grill out for us as a fundraiser. There was a huge turnout and Mitch came to the hospital either the following day or maybe that day even, and shared with me what they had done and shared with me what they raised, which was unbelievable,” - Phillippe Taborga, Director of Internal IT 

"They have been totally supportive the whole time with all of the doctor's appointments that we have to go to, which is a lot of time off work and they've been so compassionate and caring and understanding. Most recently they did another fundraiser for Maxson and our family and those funds we were able to use towards a modified van so we can take him places in his powered wheelchair." - Mark Christian, Copier Service Manager 

For more information about Access Cares, check out our YouTube channel for additional videos.












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