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Leveraging Technology in a Pandemic

Oct 22, 2020 8:58:48 AM

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Since its existence, technology has played an important role in our everyday lives. From cell phones to laptops, technology is always at our fingertips and heavily impacts our personal and work lives. Ever since March of 2020 the two worlds have collided, with an increasing number of people working from home. The pandemic has led to technology becoming an essential function when it comes to communication. As your company has made several adjustments during this pandemic, you deserve a phone system that is going to be just as flexible as you are.


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Unify your Business Communications

In today’s world we are dealing with difficult realities, and you need a product that can provide you solutions. For example, say someone from your business tests positive for COVID-19 or needs to work from home because their child is distance learning. Now working from home, this employee needs to be able to stay connected to their office. The key to making the transition to working from home as seamless as possible lies within Access Cloud Communication Solutions. ACCS is a phone system that helps unify all your business communication channels.

With ACCS, employees can use their personal cell phones to make a company call, but have it look like it came from their office phone. ACCS makes it possible to have your office in your pocket. Think of ACCS as your unified call manager that keeps your business linked to employees and customers.

The ACCS platform is incredibly flexible, making communication with your employees a smooth process. Using ACCS is cleaner and easier to use than a hard forward to a personal cell phone. When an employee needs to work from home, all they need to do is log into the application on their phone. This allows employees to have the ability to call customers directly from their work number, and receive calls transferred to  their extension. All they need to do is click “log-in” on their application. It really is that simple. Desk phones can even be moved home and connected to their home internet for a more “high functioning” phone user.

In today’s world, it is now critical that we stay connected to our offices. ACCS is going to provide functionality, professionalism, and ease to your company.


Out with the Old in with the New

Today’s technology is increasingly moving away from physical and into the cloud. Given the pandemic, it is more important than ever to be able to work away from the office. Old phone systems require you to be chained to your office desk to make phone calls. If that is the case, then you are not only unable to work from home, but you are not utilizing real time communication methods and are likely missing out on potential business.

ACCS utilizes cloud technology that provides powerful connections between all your employees devices. It essentially allows your employees to send a message from one medium, all while having that same communication translate across another channel. Not only is this application going to help your employees not be tied to their desk office phone, ACCS can increase your employee’s efficiency and customer interaction. Even with employees making the transition to working from home, customers still want to know that they can reach your employees at any time and at their convenience. This in turn will ensure your employees are more readily accessible, resulting in stronger relationships with customers.


Increase your Company's Productivity 

Due to an increasing number of employees working from home, do you feel you need better control and visibility over your employee’s actions? With ACCS you can track and monitor your workers communications in the application on their cell phones.

With full access to these communications, you can examine your employee’s productivity that traditional phone systems do not offer. ACCS also gives you access to how many calls your employees are making and for how long. Monitoring and tracking employees actions can enable you to make the proper adjustments to tactics to streamline your processes. The cloud will also give you access to previous call logs, documentation of each employee’s call times, and follow up messages sent to customers. Tracking this communication will help managers know what is working well and evaluate where improvements can be made.

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Ensure Security within your Business  

With traditional phone systems, employees will give customers their personal cell phone numbers because they cannot be reached outside of the office. Say you terminate an employee, now those former employees still have access to all your company’s customer contacts. Since ACCS allows any device to become your office phone, employees will not feel the need to hand out personal contacts, therefore protecting your company’s assets. You can rest assured knowing that business contacts are stored safely and separately from employee’s personal information. We ensure that company information remains in one place and does not allow access to private content on that device.

Assuming your company wants to grow and expand after 2020, ACCS will be right there with you every step of the way. Not only will ACCS help your employee and customer relationships, but ACCS will adapt with your business. Electronics change quickly, and with ACCS you will be investing in a partner that will stay current and provide cutting edge technology. Say your business needs to double its phone systems, our infrastructure can support your needs on a larger scale and provide you with the current software updates.


Key Cloud Communication Features 

With ACCS your office phone can have infinite possibilities. VoIP also referred to as hosted communications or cloud communications makes it possible to connect with customers via text message. The cloud ensures that with ACCS employees can text customers through their application to remind them of a meeting. This immediate response feature will improve efficiency and makes responding to voicemails more manageable. Say your employees are on the go and miss a call, now their voicemails can be transcribed to their emails and they can read it while away from the office.

Due to the pandemic, communicating with customers and employees via virtual meetings is more prevalent than ever. The cloud allows your cell phone and laptops to be able to host virtual meetings or presentations. With this flexible scheduling, employees will be able to make these virtual calls anyplace, at any time. Phone calls can also be monitored in the cloud, this enables you to record conversations and evaluate your company’s customer service. These recordings can also be used as an education tool for new hires. New hires can go back and watch real conversations with customers to better learn and understand what is expected of them for future interactions.

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