IT Assessment for Your Law Firm

What Is An Assessment?

An assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure. Our Assessment Engineers will check for potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities that could cause performance issues, data loss and network downtime. Our assessments will give you the peace of mind that your network is running as efficiently as possible.

We will:

  1. Review your current security settings and measures in place to compare them to leading security practices

  2. Analyze your backup and disaster recovery strategies to identify potential data loss

  3. Survey your network and server infrastructure--complete with hardware and software reports

You will receive a customized report with prioritized findings tailored to your business’s networking needs.

What Does The Report Give You?

Our IT Assessment uncovers your strengths, needs and threats to your network and data. You will gain a better picture of what hardware you have and where it is in its lifecycle, and what holes you have in your security measures. Finally, the IT Assessment provides you a baseline of documentation to move forward with better protection and allows Access Systems to hit the ground running in providing you support with our Total IT Care program.

How It Works & What to Expect?

First, our Assessment Engineer will connect remotely to your network, if possible. This will help us to identify any critical issues and allow our on-site meetings to be more focused and effective.

Second, we will come on-site. To make the most of our on-site visit, our Assessment Engineer will not only examine the physical layout of your infrastructure, which will help our NOC better assist you and document issues we discover, and run tests that could not be done remotely; but also, interview your law firm’s partners. This interview is intended to understand what applications are used, what difficulties you currently face and what expectations you have. All of this data is compiled by the Assessment Engineer for the IT Assessment report.

After the tests and interviews are complete, the Assessment Engineer and your IT Account Executive will meet to verify the data and build your custom solution. Once the report is complete, your IT Account Executive will present the report to you and walk you through the findings and potential solutions to protect your network.

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