Can I receive my invoices via email instead of mail? Yes you can! Simply update your preference by updating the WebForm below, emailing, or giving us a call at 515-987-6227. We will update your preference within 48 hours.

Electronic Payment Options: Access Systems offers a no hassle way to pay! You can have your payment deducted automatically from your checking or savings account as its due and you don’t need to change your present banking relationship to take advantage of this service. If interested, we are happy to provide an authorization form and can walk you through the program so you know exactly what to expect and can have peace of mind in a reliable and efficient way to pay. We do also offer EFT payments where you can push money electronically to our bank account. Inquire about either option in the WebForm below. Credit card processing is only offered on certain (not all) account billings and is subject to an additional processing fee.

What is the Supply Shipping Charge on my invoice? This covers our costs of standard shipping and handling of all supplies. This is a flat monthly fee that does not flex if your needs go up during a certain month. Standard shipping typically allows for delivery in no more than three business days. Expedited shipping options are available at an additional cost to you.

What is Connectivity Assurance? This is providing remote connectivity troubleshooting throughout the term of your agreement. This service will be limited to remote technical assistance only and shall not include any related necessary hardware software costs. If we identify the connectivity problem relates to an IT issue that is outside of our contract such as a network setting or IT hardware issue, we will work with your IT department to communicate the necessary information. This is a charge that would have been elected when your contract was signed.

What is Secure Data? For your peace of mind, Access Systems will follow all data disposal procedures that may be required for compliance with your applicable industry standards as well as state and federal laws or regulations. This monthly fee covers the cost of us performing the data disposal procedures to remove confidential information at the end of your agreement and will prevent data breaches from devices at the end of your contract term. This is a charge that would have been elected when your contract was signed.

Why do I have multiple bills? If you are looking to consolidate your invoicing, we may be able to assist! Please note that you may receive invoices from Access Systems Leasing for your lease and service payments, and invoices for your service overages directly from Access Systems. We understand this can be confusing and can always assist in ensuring payments are received and applied appropriately. However, if you have multiple contracts, IT and Copier agreements can be invoiced together, and we are happy to combine for your convenience. Unfortunately, any ACCS (phone) invoicing will remain separate. Phone billing is processed in a different billing system to provide all necessary detail and cannot be combined with other agreements.

If you would like more information regarding these payment options, or need to update billing preferences, including contact information, please contact our team below. Please do not provide specific billing information, including banking, routing, or credit card numbers in the webform.


Still have questions? Please contact our team at 515-987-6227 or send an email to, and we’ll be happy to assist!

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