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Bringing Value to your Business - Consultative Selling

Feb 16, 2021 11:04:22 AM

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When you think of “sales” what comes to mind? Depending on whom you ask, some may think of a pushy car salesman. Or maybe you think of someone who follows you around everywhere in a retail store saying, “Oh that would look fabulous on you.” Either way, “sales” can be a bit of a dirty word and gets associated with manipulating others into spending their hard-earned money. The salesperson often does not have customers best interest in mind, and their end goal is just landing a commission check.

Now, we want to eliminate this stereotype of “sales” from your mind. At Access, the heart of our business lies within finding a proactive solution that benefits our customers. We strive to recommend, advise, and assist businesses with tackling their priority initiatives. Access seeks to educate businesses with new perspectives and focuses on the potential customers experience with us. It’s not all about products, business, or numbers, but instead about finding ways to bring value to customers.

So…how is this done?

The answer lies within a consultative sales process. The goal of a consultative sales process is to better help clients understand their own business, and together the buyer and seller design the best solution for the client to meet their business goals. Consulting a business goes beyond landing a transactional sale, and more so focuses on creating value-based relationships with the client. Often mistrust develops with salespeople who pitch products, and don’t listen to the customer. Whereas with the consultative approach, a seller asks good questions and listens attentively to the client’s answers getting a clear understanding of pain points. With this type of partnership, there is a key component of trust instilled within the relationship. The buyer has faith and understands that the seller will always look out for well-being of their client’s business, above meeting a quota. The key ingredient to the consultative sales approach is ensuring that the client trusts and has confidence that the seller is working hard to actively take over the role of ‘problem solver.’

In working with a business that takes the consultative selling approach, you will enable yourself to be understood, helped, and genuinely cared for. When the seller takes time to understand a client’s business environment, then the seller can connect the dots between its products and the clients goals. This solution-based type of selling leaves you with a tailored solution for your business that ensures relevance and impact.

How will the consultative selling approach specifically benefit your business?

  1. Improve efficiency
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Increase security

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Why Access?

Here at Access, we have adapted and implemented the approach of consultative selling. We strive to help you overcome your business challenges by finding a solution with our products. So, we can better understand your business’ needs, Access provides an IT or print assessment. This proactive approach to our consultative process is where we examine your current environment and find the most efficient way meet your business’ goals. Our assessment allows us to give your company a customized and detailed solution instead of a standardized one.

The assessment gives us the insight to build a managed strategy covering all your needs. We implement cost accountability, so you know how much you are spending currently and set up the most cost-efficient devices as possible. We increase your efficiency by partnering with an experienced service provider who can take care of all your printer and IT needs, while you focus on the essential tasks of your business. With our IT assessment, instead of just jumping in with new security measures, we find value in understanding your business and collaborating before finding a solution. With this, we examine the security of your devices and reveal vulnerabilities in your infrastructure that hackers could take advantage of. Then, we suggest security solutions so action can be taken to improve security within your business.

By taking this consultative sales approach, we take the time to understand your business needs with our assessments, and then advise you on a solution. In turn you can rest assured knowing that our solutions are tailored perfectly to your business and are not operated on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ basis. Our team does not just stop here, Access will continuously monitor and make ongoing suggestions or improvements to your managed strategy. Contact us today to get your assessment and find out how Access will bring value to your business!

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