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Similar to the strategy for security of a private property, if the target, your business, is visibly protected and likely to offer resistance, most would be-attackers are likely to move on and look for a less protected target.

We can give your business that visible protection and peace of mind knowing your business is safe with our information security and consulting services.

Led by a team of information security specialists, we have put together a set of well-vetted and leading security actions and solutions that organizations should take to assess and improve their current information security state. Our Information Security Essentials (ISE) program provides you basic measures to address the most critical areas.

Access Systems’ ISE program includes:

  • Application System Patching Deployment
    Application system patching corrects known security vulnerabilities. Attackers take advantage of outdated application software as a staging point for collecting information and plotting attacks.
  • Proactive Network Protection and Content Filter
    This filters your internet traffic to help prevent malicious internet connections. New attack tools and techniques are constantly being launched. Thus, a proactive predictive security tool is needed to protect vulnerable endpoints.
  • Password Management Policies Review
    Our password policies will keep your operating systems secure. Without strong password management policies, basic passwords can be utilized for extended time periods by malicious users. These users can enter the correct password an unlimited number of times.
  • Account Management Monitoring & Review
    We will provide real time reporting for the creation or modification of accounts which may indicate malicious user activities, as well as provide you a list of your accounts for review or deactivation. The misuse of old accounts and infrequently used administrative accounts is a primary method used by attackers to spread inside an organization.
  • Two Factor Authentication
    Two factor authentication provides an extra layer of security that requires a separate means of identification. A username and password–with a piece of information that only the user knows–makes it harder for potential intruders to gain access and steal that user’s data or identity. We will implement, manage, and train your users on a two- factor authentication solution.
  • Application Whitelisting
    We will deploy a software tool that actively manages software on your network in an attempt to identify unauthorized and unmanaged software and prevent its installation or execution. This tool helps prevent attackers that compromise devices by installing backdoor programs and bots that give them long-term control of the system.

We recognize information security is not a one-size-fits-all solution in either content or priority. We can develop a highly customized program by considering your determination of critical data, your risk tolerance, and your industry’s inherent risk. Our objective is to provide services to reduce your information security risk to an acceptable level based on your current environment, risk profile and appetite, and security strategy.

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