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We can help improve your network through virtual servers. Some businesses might have a server for email exchange, one for files and storage, and maybe another one for printers. Each server is stacked in a tower and there is no way of knowing if the hardware potential was being wasted or not operating at its full capacity. With virtual servers, say sayonara to the days of not operating at 100 percent.

Using VMWare software, we are able to take a regular server and virtualize it into different sections that can host multiple virtual servers for your business needs.

Your server will be operating at its full capacity, making it more efficient and giving you a better return on your technology investment. To make sure your server is operating to its full extent, we can allocate and manage memory and storage to certain servers.

What do we mean by this? Let’s say your email exchange server is running low on storage and needs more space. Before it crashes, we can allocate more storage and manage it so that your server will continue to stay up and running.

Virtual servers are also essential when we’re running backups. We are able to take a snapshot of an entire server, allowing us to back it up completely and quickly in case of disaster. With a regular server, we would need to build an entire new server and set it back up. One of these options sounds a lot more efficient and worthwhile in cases of emergency.

In addition to backing up data, protecting servers is incredibly important for a variety of security reasons. And firewalls can be a prime element of that security. Firewalls protect your network at its critical endpoints – between servers, your workstation, and the internet. They help stop threats before these threats steal your content, your clients, and your online reputation. If any of these are stolen, they can wreak havoc on your business.

We constantly monitor and inspect our firewalls to make sure they are doing their job. If not, we remedy the problem. You never have to worry about your network being safe or unsecure; we have you covered. Just as anti-virus software needs renewal, so does your firewall. This helps keep it up-to-date so it can defend the latest line of malicious attacks. Finally, we offer regular updates to firewall firmware. Firmware is built into the firewall and, like firewall renewal, needs to stay current to offer maximum network protection. Our highly-trained technicians can handle that for you so you can focus on running your business.

To accompany these networks, we have hardware and software to complement them. From laptops, desktops, and workstations to Wi-Fi access points and physical servers to Microsoft Office, we have the IT equipment available to keep you and your business connected and protected.

With something as critical as a network, it is best to be prepared – no matter what is thrown your way. Talk to us today to see what network options we can provide for you.

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