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Jun 27, 2022 4:34:49 PM


The past few years have been hard on everyone, in all aspects of our lives. Businesses and families have had to take a step back and reevaluate what is important and what is feasible in this present time. As we are all starting to recover from the pandemic world, it is important to focus on the good and take leaps forward to better everyone around us.

Here at Access Systems, we have been very blessed in the past few years to be able to have had no layoffs and to have grown in our business. This helped protect our employees from the fears that were all around them and know that they have and always will be the top priority.

Our culture has been carefully crafted to promote a positive, accountable, and hard-working environment that sets us up for success. To put your employees first, ensures that the customers will all be treated with the top respect and focus as everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated.

The focus on giving the employees the best work environment continues as we are excited to announce we are building the new Access Systems headquarters in Waukee! This building will be a big step in the direction of our future. Employees will get to come to work every day and be proud of the building they work in as well as all our employees in other branches can be proud to show off. This new building is not just for our Waukee employees but for everyone to have an investment in our growth in addition to a place where they are welcomed and can collaborate.

The new headquarters will be underway until the summer of 2023. We have an amazing partnership with Downing Construction and know they will build a wonderful place for everyone to enjoy.

The building will include multiple conference rooms, coffee bars, seating areas for employees to get together and much more! We are very excited to also be including a 24/7 gym for our employees and a lounge area to gather as a company and enjoy time spent with one another.

The City of Waukee has been a vital partner with the new building. We give special thanks to their support and look forward to continuing to work with them.

The focus of this new building besides the amazing environment for our employees, is the economic development and job growth it will provide. Access is very dedicated to the community, and we are here to stay. We always want to give back to our city and help those around us. The new headquarters will allow us to provide more jobs to help strengthen the team as well as support families in the area. With an unsure world, we are happy to have the ability to provide a stable, unique environment that continues to grow.

We are overjoyed at the possibilities of the future and would love for you to follow along on this journey! We will be posting weekly updates on all our social media platforms and are here to answer any questions from anyone interested in joining our growing team!Picture4Picture62022.06.10-ACCESS SYSTEMS-VIRTUAL FINISH BOARDS-INTERIOR


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