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Group Purchasing Organizations - An Extension of Your Team

Nov 4, 2021 9:15:59 AM

Have you ever heard of the term GPO? GPO stands for Group Purchasing Organizations, and they exist for one simple reason. They allow any size business to buy products at the same pricing level as their larger counter parts. They can gain leverage through combined purchasing power. This collective buying power helps it's members to not only obtain discounts from suppliers, but there are soft cost savings, as well. The simple pre-bid GPO acts as a time saver, freeing up internal procurement resources. These organizations are found in industries such as education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, etc., because of the number of small and mid-market companies that occupy these sectors.


How do GPOs Benefit Customers?

COST SAVINGS: Customers can have confidence in knowing that they are gaining access to significant cost savings when becoming a member of a GPO. Basically, a GPO sources and negotiates prices for products and services on behalf of companies. Due to the large number of companies apart of this organization, its members can use that as leverage to negotiate best prices and discounts with vendors. Customers who utilize GPOs also save themselves an ample amount of time. For example, prices of products are pre-negotiated, so the customer does not have to go through a formal bidding process with multiple vendors. Considering the large number of members using these agreements, suppliers are then motivated to offer their best equipment pricing and service levels to members.

NETWORKING: GPOs also serve as a great networking tool for customers to gain more collaboration in their specific industry. When bringing together several professionals and organizations, people can share best practices and expertise with one another on key industry information. Members can come together and review similar challenges they are facing and form partnerships or relationships with one another.


TRUSTED PRODUCTS & SERVICES: GPOs are highly focused on keeping their members and maintaining longevity with them; therefore, they want to give their members the best quality of suppliers possible. Suppliers must go through an in-depth vetting process to ensure they will bring the highest level of quality, credibility, and value to it's members. Members then have a lower purchasing risk. GPOs go above and beyond for their members to also consider the best total cost of ownership prices, and this can help company’s inventory reductions and process improvements.

What is the benefit of partnering with an MSP that can introduce you to a GPO?

Due to our long-standing relationships with manufacturers, coupled with our steady growth over the years, Access Systems is a Managed Service Provider that can introduce you to the best GPOs available. Access Systems works with multiple brands, and we are flexible with our partners. Since we are not exclusive to one brand, Access can accommodate and pivot to the best fit for your business. This includes introducing you to tailor-made solutions and services that will meet the needs of your business. The expansion that Access has developed throughout the Midwest allows us to make larger equipment purchases, resulting in consistent inventory of office technology solutions for your company.

Overall, Access can be the source that introduces you to a GPO within the technology industry. Think of them as an extension of your team that is ultimately going to benefit your business. Offering your business extreme cost-saving opportunities on office technology that your business would not be able to achieve on its own.

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