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Keeping Culture Positive as You Grow

Nov 11, 2022 8:45:08 AM

The world we live in today is so focused on monetary gain when it comes to business that we often can lose sight of what made our companies wonderful and successful to begin with. It is vital to always stay focused on the core values as each company grows and expands to ensure the employees and surrounding communities do not feel lost in the process. 

When creating a company, it is important to have company values or cultural pillars that demonstrate to current and future employees what is important to the people involved in the business at all levels. People in our society today want to work for an employer who cares about people and improving the world around them just as much as they care about the company being successful financially. By incorporating both sides of the spectrum with culture and monetary stability, the growth of a company can be endless. 

There are important cultural pillars to look out for when either starting a business or when making a career switch. 


Gratitude is something that all people can show and will appreciate whether you are the owner of a company, an employee, or a member of the community around the business. Remaining thankful to all people and aspects that have contributed to the company’s success will expand the future much farther than one that only focuses on itself.  

Showing gratitude, especially during the upcoming holiday season is important. A business that strengthens the lives of their employees and the communities around them ensures a wonderful future for everyone involved and helps continue to support success and growth as the company continues to thrive.  


Kindness is something that the world can always use more of. By creating an environment that promotes kindness to one another, you can have a place where people from all walks of life feel welcome and comfortable. This is important for employees as it will enable them to come to work with a cheerful outlook and not let them dread being in the office. Kindness also allows any customers that get involved with the company to feel seen and well taken care of as no one likes to collaborate with people that are not kind to one another.  


Cultivating a space focused on generosity towards others establishes a core value that will help lead the employees and business into future expansion without limitations. When you focus on helping others, they will remember you when you need help as well. Do not underestimate the power of what your generosity to someone struggling can do in the future.  

By focusing on generosity, it also plants the seed in people’s minds of how you made them feel and people choose to do business with companies that make them feel good and that they feel they can trust. By providing this safe feeling, it also ensures the happiness of everyone involved because no one has their needs overlooked by monetary focus or gain.  


Dedication to the happiness of employees and customers provides the support needed to create relationships that can last a lifetime. As humans, we all want to collaborate with people who we feel will put in as much effort into us as we will to them. By showing your dedication to both customers and employees, everyone involved can feel good about the work they do and can know it is a mutually beneficial partnership.  


Hiring employees with integrity is vital to the future success of a company and how all the employees feel around one another. When you focus on people who are honest and centered on having good moral values like the ones we have listed above, it cultivates a place of unlimited growth opportunities.  


Lastly, it is important even in the business environment, to provide a space where everyone can still have fun together. There will always be a certain level of stress in every work environment so by allowing there to be time for joy, everyone is able to focus when needed and still feel they can enjoy where they work. Joy is something everyone craves and should always be a focus. Providing this for your employees enables them to avoid burnout and to be content in their jobs.  

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Access Systems Is the Place for You:  

At Access Systems we recognize how all the pillars listed above each contribute to happier employees, involved communities, and business longevity. We focused on the culture we have created and continue to prioritize as we constantly grow and diversify our business. 

Happy employees and communities are a high standard we continuously hold ourselves to because we realize all the amazing positive effects these can bring to both people’s lives culturally as well as monetarily.  

By regularly being a Top Workplace both throughout the United States, as well as Iowa, we have seen how putting these cultural aspects at the forefront can provide benefits in different aspects of a company and will supply a space that our employees are proud to come to everyday. 

If these cultural pillars are things that resonate with you and things you are looking for in your next career move, check out our open positions on our career page.  

Access Systems Careers  

If you are interested in learning more about these pillars from our employees’ perspectives and how we uphold them, check out the videos on our YouTube channel.  

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