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The Power of Communication and Service

Aug 10, 2022 9:06:27 AM

What do you consider the top priority when looking for a new provider in any department or industry? There are many factors that should be considered when looking for a change or new direction. There is cost, availability, services, communication, longevity of the company, reputation, etc. While all these things are important to the overall decision, there are always two factors that can demonstrate the most on how the potential company will benefit you. These two factors to look for are communication and service.

There are plenty of companies in today’s world that provide the same products at the end of the day. That is why the communication, and the customer service of the company is so vital. You can have a company with an excellent product, great pricing, and a good sales pitch, but is that all they are providing to you? After the initial sale are you left in the dust and not reached out to in order to ensure you are still happy with your sale?

This is an issue many companies run into and do not know how to get away from if they keep having the same issues with different companies. Businesses that put communication and service first demonstrate to the executive leaders and all employees that they value accountability, clarity, future planning and are a company you can count on.


Consistent Communication:

All companies try to emphasize communication and commitment during their initial pitches. Although most do not stick to what they say. This can make it difficult to ween out the truth from the embellishments.

Communication is vital to the entire process of collaborating with other companies. If everyone is not on the same page, this can cause more issues than needed. A few things to look for during a sales pitch that will help you understand the company’s communication style are as follows.

How often do the sales agents check in with their clients? How are you supposed to contact the company if you experience any issues? Who manages the issues after the initial sale is complete?

By focusing on these few questions, it helps to demonstrate if the company will be easier or more difficult to contact, and how much the company cares about their customers after they have made their sale.

Finding a company that has excellent communication and friendly employees who are always willing to help will set your business up for much greater success than if you were to collaborate with a company who does not prioritize you as the client.

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Service Is Everything:

Every company must have a way to oversee the needed services after the initial sale takes place. There are two ways companies do this. Either by hiring a third party to hand their clients over to after the initial sale or by handling the service calls and issues themselves.

Although hiring a third-party to manage your service calls may not sound bad on paper as there is a company dedicated to your issues, this can cause major complications and time consumption for your business. With a third party, there are separate contacts, separate rules, and no one you have met or worked with at all before.

When you choose to collaborate with a company that manages everything from start to finish this eliminates all the concerns. You will only have one company to go to for any needs, and even if you have a problem with a service request, you have a dedicated sales agent who works along with the service team to make sure everything is handled quickly, and painlessly.

Another reason to make sure you focus on service as a main factor in picking your next provider, is the rate at which they resolve the service calls. When a company is responsible for their own service calls, this tends to make the process much faster as there is only one company overseeing everything.


Access Systems Has You Covered:

At Access Systems communication and service are at the forefront of everything we do. We realize that client’s happiness is the most important thing, and to achieve that, you must always have effective communication and wonderful service.

We pride ourselves in being there for our customers through every step of the process. Communication is viewed as a top priority from all our team members. We are honest and up front about all our equipment, how the sale will be managed, how you will be treated and cared for after the initial sale and much more. This keeps everyone on the same page and feeling like they are valued and cared for.

Access Systems also has top rated service both with the level of expertise that the technicians have, as well as how the technicians genuinely care about the customer and ensuring the best experience for them possible. We have a wonderful team of dedicated, intelligent, experienced technicians who strive to always keep improving and continuing to provide all the support our customer’s need.

The response time for our service calls in all our departments are some of the shortest in the industry. We have employees dedicated remotely and in person to ensure our clients are assisted quickly, effectively, and do not have long spans of downtime with their systems. This sets us apart from companies that use a third party for their services because the response time is vastly less.

Access Systems is a company that   values the customer’s needs above all and has a dedicated team of employees who are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure everyone is happy.

Check out Access Systems next time you have any office technology needs. We are here to help and to ensure complete satisfaction!


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