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Top 5 Business Focal Points for 2023

Dec 15, 2022 4:59:28 PM


With the new year approaching, businesses need to narrow down their main focal points for 2023 to ensure continued growth. There are five top priorities that will help to guarantee success for the company and create employees that are at ease in their positions.

Manager and Leader Effectiveness:

In today’s day and age, employees are looking for companies where they do not feel like just a number. People want leaders and managers who are relatable and that they can come to with anything life may throw their way.

This focus for managers will help create a situation where everyone feels seen and heard. Unfortunately, this type of leadership is lacking in society today. The days of managers who only care about monetary success and not the wellbeing of their staff is over.

By having your managers and executive team learn about their employees and show how much they care, will ensure all parties involved are happy and will help prevent massive turnover or burnout.


Change Management and Organizational Design:

With so much uncertainty in the world the past few years from the pandemic to the economy and much more, people have become hesitant towards change.

Employees want to feel secure in their jobs with stability for their families and to help them avoid burnout from not knowing what each new day will bring. Leaders must remember that they need to help navigate all these worries and impacts to their employees to show them that the company is safe for their future.

Another way to help people feel comfortable with all these new impacts is to ensure that all changes have an organized design and implementation. This allows for nothing to feel like it is coming unexpectedly or making employees pivot their focus constantly.

Businesses can achieve these focus points by planning ahead when they are aware of upcoming changes and by staying in tune with the impacts to their staff.

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Employee Experience:

Making sure that employees feel comfortable and confident about growing their careers in their current company rather than searching elsewhere to grow is essential. When you help show your employees the path they can follow to have future growth, you are demonstrating that they are important to the business as a whole and are a valued part of the organization.

Most companies will discuss growth paths when interviewing employees, but most do not follow through on assisting their employees to achieve the future career path they are looking to achieve.

All employees want to have career growth, but not all want to advance in the same ways. Being in tune with each of your employees wants, needs, and desires is extremely important. This also shows that the company will continue to be there for each employee through each stage of their career.

By continuing to be involved and dedicated to their growth, you will help keep your employees on staff rather than having them look elsewhere for continued future success.



Having a solid focused plan for the business’s recruiting efforts for 2023 is vital. With the uncertainty of companies that is happening in the world today, the way you choose to staff will either make or break the ability to grow in the new year.

It is important to ensure that you have a capable talent sourcing team in place who can find qualified candidates that match the company culture. The people you chose has a significant impact on the environment of the office as well as the growth that will be possible. If you do not hire the right candidates, the company success will become stunted and can cause retention issues.

Another important aspect of recruiting for any company is the onboarding process. This will be the first look into how the company runs and the values to any new employee. People will be looking for an effortless, stress-free experience. Word of mouth can travel extremely far and make an impact on how future employees will gravitate from the experience of someone they know who is currently employed there.


Future of Work:

The future is never set in stone. The world is ever changing and there are only so many things that are under a company’s control. Focusing on the controllable aspects such as a comfortable work environment and how valued employees feel will have a major impact.

The market is ever changing, and people decide on future career paths based on how they feel the situation is set up. It is critical to create a stable, honest, trusting work space where employees feel that no matter the changes or how the future will come about, that the company will keep up with the times and be able to continually succeed.

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Access Systems Focus:

Access Systems prides itself on being a company that puts its people above everything else. We always keep our employees informed and involved when we are strategizing for each new year to ensure they feel valued and looked after.

When planning for our future growth and success, we make sure these are the top priorities. These have helped keep stability and resolute employees as we have continued to grow at a substantial rate the past seventeen years.

If you are looking for a company that is ready for whatever the world throws at it and puts the people first, check out our open positions on the careers page.

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