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You might not think your phone technology makes much of a difference to your office environment. However, an updated and customized communications solution from Access Systems can be a cost-effective means to increase productivity and improve overall customer interaction. To us, that’s worthwhile.ACCS logo-01

"ACCS is the phone system for the modern business."

More and more, technology is moving away from the physical and to the cloud. ACCS allows you to optimize communication through desktops, cell phones as well as handsets. 
ACCS is the phone system for the modern business. It is flexible, allowing your employees and customers to stay connected. The customizable solution means you aren’t held back by traditional hardware. ACCS uses the cloud, so any device can become your office phone—laptops, desktops, smartphones. This digital system allows you to purchase what you need. ACCS grows and adapts with your business.

Your office phone is in your pocket with a hosted solution. Through our application, you can stay connected to the office. For example, if your sales professionals are out of the office selling, they are probably using their cell phone for work, so why not give them the ability to make it their office phone? With a flip of a switch, their cell phone can work just like the phone in the office but with some added features, such as instant messaging. Their communications are stored in the app, so your business can monitor your employees’ productivity; features unmatched by traditional phone systems.

While your employees are constantly on the go, so are your customers. ACCS has a simple application which allows your desktop or cell phone to become the office phone. On top of keeping your business contacts stored safely and separate from your employees’ personal information, it also opens up opportunities for modern communication – texting. Many people do not take the time for a five-minute conversation to answer a simple question. A text message takes seconds to reply, saving your employees and customers time and money.
Business has evolved and so has our communications solutions. ACCS has a solution fit for your needs.

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