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Healthcare - Benefits of Partnering with a Managed Services Partner

Oct 17, 2022 10:19:10 AM

The healthcare industry plays multiple important roles in society today especially after the past few crazy years. With all the things required from the people in this industry daily, such as the fatigue of the ever-demanding fast pace of the environment and the issues being faced regarding staffing shortages. It is critical to provide ways to protect patient information, be HIPPA compliant and require the least amount of effort when it comes to print services. It is important for healthcare officials to focus on what truly matters, which is their patients.

There are multiple ways that a managed print services partner can assist everyone in this industry and clear up more time to focus on what matters rather than trying to manage machines and document output strategies while keeping the patient’s information safe.


Data Safety and HIPPA Compliance:

Working with a Managed Services partner allows for safer handling of information in multiple ways.

PaperCut is a software that is big in the healthcare industry as it can monitor and control organization’s print output with simple, easy to use administrative tools that can be accessed anywhere on the network. PaperCut works by intercepting print jobs as they pass into a print queue. It watches the queues and extracts job information such as page counts and uses this to implement logging, charging, control, quotas, reporting or a combination of all. Or security features like secure print release, archiving and watermarking.

These functions not only assist with information security by controlling when information is released, but also helps in saving the organization money by getting rid of repeat prints and providing tracking capabilities to see where money is being wasted.

This tool also helps in keeping information more HIPPA compliant by ensuring information is grabbed and printed by the correct person.

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By partnering with a Managed Services company, this also allows for better time management in multiple departments to focus more on patients and the organization.

When you have a Managed Services partner, all the tedious tasks that would normally be a responsibility of the healthcare staff, are managed by the outside organization. This includes everything from maintaining the equipment, toner refills, decommissioning old machines, smaller periods of downtime when something breaks, etc.

By having a partner to manage these things for you, it frees up the internal IT team to focus in other areas and allows for toners to automatically be sent to the offices, which also frees up more space since supplies do not have to be kept on site.

This also eliminates the need of time to set up decommissions of old machines and getting them wiped as that is overseen by the partner to ensure all information is safe and time is not wasted. Less downtime is a result of having a partner as well because they can program all machines to work the same so when one machine is experiencing an issue, there are backups ready to go.



One Point of Contact:

By creating a partnership with a Managed Service Provider, this also creates an easier and closer relationship with the vendors. The partnership ensures there is only one point of contact that the staff need to work with and trust to make sure all the needs are managed in a timely and safe way. This also eliminates costs as there are not multiple accounts being paid for, and it is all managed under one invoice.


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Why Access Systems Is the Managed Print Partner for You:

Access Systems is a Managed Services provider that always has the customers best interest in mind. Although there are multiple services that all managed services partners provide, Access Systems goes beyond by providing these and more. Access focuses on the customer and putting their needs as the top priority. We will also do everything in our power to establish a stress-free environment for our customers based on a relationship and rapport everyone is comfortable with.

Access Systems has a remote team of technicians that are available around the clock to assist with any issues that may occur. This helps to ensure there are no downtimes, no matter when it is, day or night. This is vital in the healthcare industry as the machines need to always be running at full capacity to make sure the patients are taken care of properly and can trust the security of their personal information.

Access is also proud to be a preferred partner of the NHA. We work with hospitals to support them in all ways possible and are here for anything they may need. We pride ourselves on putting customers first and allowing them to have a trouble-free experience, so they are focus on the health of the community members around them.

Check out the customer testimonials from our clients, Accura, and Universal Printing to hear how we can help your organization today:

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