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The Instant Benefits of Trusting a Managed Print Services Provider

Sep 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Nearly every business has a printer. For larger companies, they are forced to maintain sometimes dozens of printers, not to mention, copiers, per office or across various locations.

From printer jams to toner costs, these devices can be a lot to manage. Trusting a managed print services provider could make all the difference, helping to streamline your processes and save your company time, money and extra hassle.

There are some immediate benefits to choosing the right managed print services provider, including these four incredible, quick wins.


1. Save on Printing Costs

Your managed print services provider should help your business substantially save on printing costs, with some printing service providers— like us at Access Systems— potentially eliminating upwards of 30% of your previous expenses.

There are many ways in which managed print solutions can achieve such savings, but it’s most commonly through initial reduction, improved efficiency, standardization and cost accountability.

Firstly, you should look for a provider who will evaluate your current devices and eliminate or improve underutilized or outdated devices by selecting more efficient ink or toner, software, equipment and more.

Oftentimes, a company that implements universal equipment standardization, or selecting one or two brands and models of equipment office-wide can help streamline costs as well.

Not only can recycling obsolete devices instantly reduce the price per page you are paying, but high-quality equipment can omit the costs of outsourced printing for your marketing or branding materials. Many companies admittedly take their brochures, signage and handouts to professional printers, but with the right setup, you will have consistent, sharp results from the convenience of your office.


Also, a dependable managed print services provider should provide cost accountability. You don’t want to be won over by a great first year price, but into the next, be forced to write a bigger check to avoid the hassle of choosing a new printing provider. Look for a company which guarantees the page cost for each year, granting you long-term financial security.

Ask yourself too, does the company you’re researching provide customized and detailed reporting to help you budget? Our transparent cost per page allows you to know exactly how much each sheet costs to print, making it easier to track your spending and make necessary adjustments for better return.

2. Digitize your Documents & Increase Security

Maybe you’re seeking a managed print services provider to provide the equipment and resources needed to reduce hard copy documents— and hopefully— transition to virtual file storage. The right provider should be able to convert your paper-based records into fully digital, easy-to-manage documents.

Digitizing your documents allows you to not only eliminate your paper trail, but to also improve your efficiency. Using copiers to scan any printables, you can quickly sort documents based on keywords and consistent naming conventions, saving you the time and hassle of digging through unorganized piles of papers to find what you need. Plus, keeping your information in simple to edit Word or Excel files makes it easier to revise and update your files in real time.

Moving your files to cloud-based storage, such as Dropbox, or a private server can help to boost office productivity, improve company efficiency, meet regulatory compliance and increase security. Having all your documents in one, easy-to-access and protected space can save your entire team time and ensure your company’s and clients’ personal information is kept private. For businesses who handle personal information, like law offices, this is essential. Ask how the managed print services provider provider can also protect you against malicious cyber threats, or explore our Document Management services.

3. Go Greener

The managed print services provider can help your business go greener by reducing your need to print and assessing how environmentally-friendly and efficient your systems are.

For example, an internal study by Xerox found that in just one month, 1,000 users not printing 135,000 pages protected 16 trees and eliminated 1,700 kg of CO2 emissions. Through digitization and selection of more environmentally-conscious equipment, software and supplies, small changes make a big impact.  

You too can reduce your company's footprint by printing less paper, consuming less energy, generating fewer greenhouse gases and keeping waste out of landfills with a better print solution.Printer

4. Reduce Time your IT Team Spends on Issues & Maintenance

In a perfect world, all your printers and copiers run smoothly without any hiccups. Unfortunately, the reality is that these machines require consistent maintenance and care, as well as refueling.

Your IT department likely has more important things to do than run around troubleshooting a dead printer or copier. With a managed print services provider, they need no longer scour the internet looking for the cheapest toner or rip apart the inner-workings of your troublesome HP. Look for a manage print company who can do the hard work for you.

Do they use software which allows them to manage printers remotely and locally on all your Mac and Windows devices? We can at Access Systems. Save your IT team (or office workers) time and headaches by hiring fleet management professionals who can provide instant assistance and resolution.

Make the Switch Today

All of these benefits to choosing a managed print service provider are worth considering, but before you can see the full scope of your savings, you’ll need a professional assessment.

Our assessment analyzes your current printing infrastructure over the course of two weeks. This allows us to see how you’re using your devices, helping us to identify and choose the best solution for your business through our Fleet Management ProgramRequest a free, customized assessment today.

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