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Top 5 Cold Calling Tips From Access Systems

Jan 26, 2017 11:12:01 AM

Cold calling is essential for targeting prospective clients, getting your company name recognition in your community and for sharing the products that your company offers. When successful, cold calling can get you into a meeting with a prospective client and eventually the business. We have compiled the top 5 tips for cold calling success to help you get more clients.

  1. Do your research – Before you start cold calling, do some background research on what the prospective companies do. Utilize resources like LinkedIn to conduct your research both on the company, but the individual you're contacting. This will give you insight on who you're meeting with and how the company is organized. You will also be able to identify ways you can help the business - all while earning credibility along the way.
  2. Have a script – Write down the key points you want to say in your introduction while cold calling. This will not only give you confidence while speaking, but it will allow you to adjust what you want to say, depending upon the prospective client’s business or industry.
  3. Practice your script – The best way to get over nerves you may have is to practice. The more you practice your script, the more conf
    ident you will be in your calls. Don’t forget to smile!
  4. Stay positive – Odds are once you start cold calling there will be a lot of rejections. But don’t give up, you will soon have a successful call and get a meeting scheduled. The key is positivity, because as soon as you get discouraged, the harder it will be to get a meeting.
  5. Don’t stop calling – So you got your first successful call, congratulations! But the work doesn’t stop now; channel the momentum from this call into your next calls. Because the more meetings you can schedule means the higher opportunity of getting a sale.

Use these five easy tips to become a cold calling master. And don’t forget, never stop cold calling, you never know who might need your services when you call.

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