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Advanced Cybersecurity Protection

Aug 7, 2020 8:55:37 AM

Access Systems is proud and excited to offer Advanced Cybersecurity Protection (ACP). ACP is an active security measure that provides our customers with a team focused solely on security and protecting your data from a breach. The team uses a proactive approach to monitor and maintain your network to block security threats before they happen and before they become a problem and identifying the threat clearly. If we don’t know HOW information was compromised, how can we defend against it? By using cutting edge tools and a dedicated staff of security professionals, ACP can easily answer related questions.

ACP is built from the ground up with in depth defense in mind. ACP is made up of different parts that focus on protecting your data in the chance of a breach. This multi layered approach to security gives us the visibility we need to “tell the story”.


  1. Next Generation Malware Prevention with a Brain-

Our Next Generation Anti-Virus goes far beyond traditional signature based Anti-Virus. Using a combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral detection, and machine learning, known and unknown threats can be anticipated and immediately prevented pre-execution before they become a problem. Through the constant analysis and classification of malware all over the world our Next-Gen Anti-Virus brain continues to learn and get smarter every day, greatly improving endpoint security.




  1. Advanced Email Threat Protection-

Phishing emails account for more than 90 percent of security incidents that occur every day. If we can prevent these phishing emails in the first place, we can greatly reduce our attack surface. This is where our advanced email threat protection comes into play. Our cloud-based email filtering service helps protect your organization against unknown malware and viruses by providing robust zero-day protection and includes features to safeguard your organization from harmful links and malicious attachments in real time.


  1. Endpoint Detection and Response 24/7-

Our EDR software combines real time continuous monitoring with the unique ability to automatically isolate computers or servers in the event they are compromised. This simple yet very powerful concept prevents all communication between the infected computer or server and the rest of the network severing all ties to the bad actor and immediately removing the threat.


  1. Annual Reviews –

At Access Systems, we know the Cybersecurity space is constantly changing and evolving and as such we as defenders must be able to change and adapt with the times. Therefore, it is so important we review and continue to improve the security posture of our customers. It could be something as simple as updating a password policy or removing an admin account. The important part is we continue to move forward. Improving security never stops and neither will we.

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