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Strengthening The Community Around Us

Aug 31, 2022 8:47:21 AM

When businesses are starting out, there are so many directions the focus can go in. A profit is essential to stay afloat, employees are vital for various positions, the company must receive traction, so the word gets out and the money continues to trickle in. All these things are important in starting and continuing to grow a company, but there is another aspect that usually ends up on the backburner although it ends up being one of the most important. This is community impact and ensuring the success of not only the business but also the group of people that helped it become successful in the first place.

Although community involvement is not at the forefront of an owner’s mind when they are thinking about ways to bring in a profit, by ensuring the business supports the surrounding communities, it can help ensure the long-term success and growth of the business.

There are several factors of an organization that can be positively affected by having a strong focus on the community and the people around it. These include stability, marketing, job satisfaction, and so much more.


When you value community impact as a top priority of a business, future stability increases. Businesses can grow when they are solely profit focused, but this will take longer and will be more challenging. If a community and its residents feel valued and do not feel as if the companies around them are only profit focused, amazing things can happen. Local businesses who have the support of their community are much more likely to be around for the long term as they have the constant support both profit wise and happiness wise. The support of giving back to the community opens the avenue of the community doing the same in return to ensure the longevity and success of a business.




By providing a company that prioritizes others, it creates an environment focused on spreading the message in so many ways. Communities can truly make or break a company, especially if the company is just starting out. When the business demonstrates they will put time, energy, and money back into their cities, it shows commitment and pride for where they come from. Having the support of the people in the community surrounding the business, allows for free marketing by word of mouth that will reach farther than most normal marketing concepts. While traditional marketing is always valuable, having the support of the people will spread faster. This is the case because it allows future customers and clients to understand they can trust the company and know they are dependable and honest.

This also allows for cost free marketing for the company through all the events they are present at in the community. This will spread quickly and will gain vast amounts of support while simultaneously improving the cities and towns around them. The volunteering also demonstrates that the company’s morals are a focal point to enable all aspects of the area to grow and improve.


Job Satisfaction:

While employees value a position that pays them well and has a balanced work and home life, there are other factors that can play a key role in retention and referrals.

There are all different employee types as there are diverse mixes of personalities that people can have, but there is one topic that most people favor. This area is volunteering and giving back to the city or town that the company is located in. The reasoning for this support of making an impact in the community around them stems from everyone wanting to help others and do what they can, even if it is in little ways, to improve others lives for the better.

When employees see the prioritization of morals, they feel ensured that the company is not solely profit or personally focused. This can be a huge benefit to the company as the employees will not only want to remain with the organization but will also spread a positive message to others about the business and their work satisfaction.

The three benefits of positive impact above are true demonstrations of how perception can change the course of a company’s future. There are several other reasons that a focus on helping those around us in a worthwhile manor can and will elevate the future of the business as well as the employee’s lives.



Access Cares:

The reason we can speak on how positive these impacts of community and support can be, are because of how they are deeply rooted into our core here at Access Systems. The reason we can grow at a constant rate and employ some of the best talent, comes from the foundation we support and continue to build. In society today, most jobs and companies will have the same pay, benefits, hours, etc., but what can truly set certain businesses apart is where their hearts are and what they value.

Access Systems has always strived to not only be the best at what we do but also benefit the world around us in the most uplifting way possible. Our culture has truly set us apart from those in the industry around us. Access also focuses on the community impact we have, not because of profit or marketing reasons, but because its what our employees are enthusiastic about and want to spend hours contributing to.

Access Systems has a dedicated ideology towards volunteer work and donating called Access Cares. Through this, the company supports numerous events every year both monetarily and physically. There are school supply drives, blood drives, financial support, volunteer hours, emotional support, and so much more that Access Cares gives back to and is a part of. This has always been a massive part of our employee’s happiness and retention as we focus on what others may leave behind or consider unimportant when there is not financial gain involved.

Another way that Access Systems plans to impact our community positively and for many years to come is by building our new campus headquarters in Waukee. This will bring in multiple new jobs, more financial support for the city, and a closer-knit group of people who want to make their community a better place.

If community involvement, improvement, and support are something that you are enthusiastic about, then Access Systems is the place for you! Check out our open positions on our career page Access Careers. You can also explore information about our new headquarters Building Our Future and learn why service is one of our core focuses Communication and Service! Follow along on our journey of community impact and improvement on our social media pages!

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