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[Case Study] The Right Document Management Software Can Provide Cost Savings

May 31, 2019 10:30:00 AM


Have you received an unexpected print overages bill?

You are not alone. One public school district, who we were able to help, received a large overages bill after only one quarter! It turned out they used all of their color pages for the year in three months. How could that happen?

This red flag made the school district look closer at their print policy and strategy, searching for a better system to prevent this in the future.


Taking a Closer Look into their Pre-existing Print Strategy

Public schools are constantly looking for ways to save money. So, when the school district had used all of their planned color usage for the year in three months and received a large, unexpected bill, they knew there were problems within their print strategy.

One problem started months before their overage bill. The district had introduced new color copiers into their print environment. While color printing has many benefits, without proper management it can become expensive.

While the school district did try to put print controls in place, it was a manual process which took time and left room for human error. Their administrative staff was tasked with gathering the printed page count from each and every device. As a public school district, they had multiple machines and locations, using up valuable work hours to complete such a large task.

After analyzing their print controls, it became clear that they would greatly benefit from a document management software.

Document Management Software Increases Productivity

With the document management software implemented on every print device, the administrative staff at the school district are able to spend their time impacting their schools rather than calculating pages. The document management software’s automated tracking system provides insight into not only how many pages are printed on each device, but also who is printing those pages.

The detailed reports from the software was one of the reasons the public school district chose to move forward with the document management solution.

Color Report

Achieve Cost Management with a Document Management Software

Implementing a document management software may seem like a huge expense, but with our managed print solution, this school district—like many of our customers—was able to save money.

First, we moved them away from quarterly billing to an annual billing plan. Seasonal institutions, like schools, benefit from having an annual plan, because it allows them to consume their planned pages (both black and white and color) during their busy seasons and not waste pages during their off-season, like summer breaks.

Our next objective was to make sure they would not receive an unexpected overage bill. With the document management software, the district was able to enforce their color printing policy better by having users log into a device to release their print job from the queue.

Verifying users at the print device limits orphan jobs. These print jobs are never picked up and go directly to the recycling bin. You don’t get charged for print jobs that are never released. You do, however, get charged for those printed and immediately recycled.

Another benefit is becoming more eco-friendly. With less unnecessary printing, this district was able to use less paper and go green. Document management software, as well as these helpful tips, can help your office’s environmentally friendly initiative.

This document management login procedure has reduced the school’s monthly color usage by 86%.

using the copier interface

Before implementing the document management software, the school district was printing 52,000 color pages per month, but with the software, they cut their printing down to 7,000 color pages per month. That is a huge cut that relieved pressure on their budget.

Best of all, the document management software effectively paid for itself within the first six months!

With such success from the document management solution, this public school district is currently exploring adding new rules and implementations, such as user printing page quotas.

Are You Ready for a Document Management Software?

This is just one of the many ways document management software can be implemented to help your business. There are hundreds of possibilities to the different “rules” you can utilize in the software to fit your needs.

At Access Systems, we have a team of specialists who will help you apply a unique document management solution.

Are you still unsure if a document management software is right for you? Check out the 6 Ways the Right Document Management Software Can Benefit Your Business.


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