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4 Ways to Use a Document Management System

Oct 16, 2019 10:15:00 AM

A document management system is a powerful tool which supports your business. With so many bells and whistles, it is easy to overlook the different features.

Here are four ways to use your document management system to benefit your business:

A man scanning a document into the copier machine

1) Streamline Workflows

A document management software can do more than just print management. The right document management software for you will streamline workflows.

Whether your company sorts your documents electronically or physically, a document management software can sort and index your documents all on one platform. Employees can retrieve the correct document by searching with a keyword or phrase for quick and efficient retrieval.

Quit wasting valuable time by sorting the documents yourself. With the right settings, a document management software can automatically sort your documents for you.

A document management software can boost your productivity, allowing employees to stop spending hours filing.

2) Utilize Authorize Printing

Authorized printing doesn’t complicate the printing process. Instead, it secures your entire printing process.

How does authorized printing differ from normal printing processes?

Traditionally, you sit down at your computer, hit print and pick up the document at the copier in your area, or you forget to pick up the document and it sits waiting for anyone to take it. It happens to the best of us.

With authorized printing, you won’t need to worry about someone taking your HR form or printing abandoned projects. Instead of picking up your freshly printed document at the copier, you’ll release the document to print. This cuts down on unnecessary printing and allows you to better track who is printing what.

Authorized printing can be easily activated with a username and password or a badge swipe, like the one you use to get into the building.

This simple change can easily be done with a document management system.

Active accountant checking receipts in her office-1

3) Eliminate Surprise Bills

A document management system can eliminate surprise bills and help you manage costs. It can make sure your employees aren’t overprinting.

You can set page limits by user or device. This will help you track your page counts and not overspend. It is especially easy to instate if you implement the identification processes for secure printing.

Beyond page limits, you can limit black & white and color printing by need. For example, your accounting team probably doesn’t need to print their invoices in color, but the marketing team will be printing more color.  

See for yourself how this public school was able to use a document management system to eliminate surprise bills.

4) Audit Trail

Some document management software, like Papercut, provides audit trail capabilities.  An electronic audit trail can catalog events and provide a complete history of company operations or help reduce risk.

An audit trail can formulate reports, access version history and boost security.

In industries like accounting and healthcare, audit trails are essential to remaining compliant. It is an extra layer of protection for your data and makes it easier to track down any missteps that may have occurred.

Are your copiers and printers HIPAA compliant?

Managed Print Services

Partner with a Managed Print Services Provider

A document management software is more than just a program. It is only helpful, if you have a supporting system in place. At Access Systems, we don’t want to just sell you a software and forget about it. We are a business partner, setting you up for success.

We consult you on the specific implementations of a document management system that will help your business thrive. This is why we start every relationship with a free print assessment.

Are you ready to take the next step and see how we can help you? Give us a call or email us today.


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